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What Range Of Thickness Is Rubber Available?
Rubber Is Available from .005 To 2" Thick Depending On The Material.

What Is The Standard Width Of Rubber?
36" to 48" Is The Most Common Although Some Material Is available Up To 72" Wide

What Types Of rubber Do You Stock?
We Carry A Wide Variety Of Rubber Including Neoprene,Buna , EPDM , S.B.R And Hypalon
Most Of These In Solid Rubber With a Variety Of Durometers And Thickness.
We Stock Wide Variety Of Closed Cell Sponges.

What Is Vulcanizing?
The Bonding Two Or More Pieces Of rubber Through Heat And Chemical Bonding.
To Achieve A Wider Piece Or A Shared Piece Of Rubber From Two Or More Seperate Pieces Of Rubber.

What Range Of Thickness Can Be Vulcanized?
We Can Vulcanize From 1/64" Up To 2".

What Type Of Rubber Can Be Vulanized?
Most Of Our Rubber Can Be Vulcanized. Including Cloth Insert Rubber, Neoprene,Buna,White FDA And Silicone Gum Rubber.

How Large Of Parts Or rolls Can Be Vulcanized?
We Have vulcanized Sheets from 96" Wide By 60' Long,Ring And Full Faced Gaskets 16' Diameter X 1"
Thick And 1/64" Thick Silicone Into Picture frame Type Gaskets.Our Capabilities Are Almost Unlimited !

Can You Die Cut Large Quanities?
We Produce Blanket Orders For Customers Of 10,000 to 20,000 Per Month Set Up for 6 to 12 months Per Order.

What Is Your Minumum Quanity On Die Cut Parts?
We Can Die Cut From 1 Piece To 1 Million Pieces.They are Priced According To Quanity And Set-Up

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